Acclimatising to the move to a care home

By April 15, 2020Health, Medical

Acclimatising to living in private care homes can be tough going for both the resident and the family alike. With such a sizeable change to deal with, it can sometimes feel alien and take time to settle down. The way to avoid this is to do your groundwork beforehand; finding a place that is not only fit for purpose but will also be easy to get used to. Thinking about the home itself and not just the staff or proximity will make for a much easier transition; in addition to one that everyone involved can acclimatise to in no time at all.

The main aim of a care home is in the name itself, it should be home for the residents. For this reason, it is imperative you find somewhere the resident themselves will feel comfortable in.


Anybody who moves house, young or old, will have possessions they really want to take with them. For some it’s small and simple, whereas others have a great many things they cannot live without. For this reason it is important to ascertain what needs to be taken and what can be left behind. Belongings can often make the difference between feeling homely and homesick. Decide what to take for the best and find out beforehand from the care home whether it’s possible to bring the possessions along.

Whilst homes will often offer everything you could need, having something of your own can make a world of difference when it comes to settling in.


We are creatures of habit and don’t do well with sudden changes, especially as we get older. Finding out a typical day in the life of a care home resident will be able to tell you just how similar it would be after the move to what was experienced beforehand. There is, of course, a great many new things to get used to, so keeping to a similar pattern can provide a little normality amongst the other sizeable changes.

Keeping your distance

Whilst a familiar face will help proceedings, don’t be afraid to leave them alone either. Residents spend a great deal of time in the company of others, so letting them bond with those they are surrounded by can make for a much easier living arrangement and fewer guilty feelings from the family if they have not visited in a few days.

So whilst there may be feelings of disturbance and unfamiliarity at first, finding the right home can often put paid to this; leaving the residents referring to it as “home”.

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